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We have three divisions... NewMedia Ecom,
NewMedia Lite, and NewMedia Website Design

" We don't have clients... we only have friends. "


NewMedia Website Design

These are our WordPress websites where you can have as many 'pages' as you like. These work well for people with longer sites and who will be making lots of changes and additions. See our portfolio! No one will do a better job at a better price.

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NewMedia Lite

This is what we call our "Less is More" platform... four or five screen sites that work well for static content. These are especially good for the new "first book" author or "new to the business" entrepreneur. Because these sites are much less complex than WordPress sites, they are very affordable and go up in a few days.

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NewMedia Ecom

Sell something! Everyone likes to buy online... and we will make you a beautiful store with Shopify for larger clients or with the less expensive WordPress with WooCommerce for smaller ones. With some unique products and a nice shopping site, there is no limit to what you can earn.

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